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5 İlgi alanı niteleyicileri
Tekil kitaplarda ‘5’ kullanmayın, bölüm 5* kapsamındaki uygun niteleyicileri seçin
5A İlgi alanı yaşı / seviye
Use all 5A* codes for: indicating a general guideline starting interest age of the content in any works aimed primarily at children or teenagers. All Y* codes (except YP* which use 4* codes) MUST be accompanied by one 5A* qualifier code to give guidance of interest age, for example: book content for 9 to 12 age group, should use 5AK; content of interest to teenagers should use 5AP; content for older teenagers and young adults should use 5AS or 5AT as appropriate. 5AX and 5AZ can be used with any relevant subject code. All 5A* codes can be used with X* subject codes if the Comic book is aimed at children or teenagers. Greater detail of age range, reading age, interest age etc would be communicated in other metadata
5AB 0-36 aylık çocuklar için 1.1
5AC İlgi yaşı: 3 yaşından itibaren
5AD İlgi yaşı: 4 yaşından itibaren
5AF İlgi yaşı: 5 yaşından itibaren
5AG İlgi yaşı: 6 yaşından itibaren
5AH İlgi yaşı: 7 yaşından itibaren
5AJ İlgi yaşı: 8 yaşından itibaren
5AK İlgi yaşı: 9 yaşından itibaren
5AL İlgi yaşı: 10 yaşından itibaren
5AM İlgi yaşı: 11 yaşından itibaren
5AN İlgi yaşı: 12 yaşından itibaren
5AP İlgi yaşı: 13 yaşından itibaren
5AQ İlgi yaşı: 14 yaşından itibaren
5AR İsteksiz okurlar (çocuklar) için
Use for: books that are specially written for or considered suitable for young people who do not want to read, have difficulty reading, or are struggling to read. Usually these books will have a higher interest age and a lower reading age
5AS Interest age: from c 15 years 1.3
5AT Interest age: from c 16 years 1.3
5AU Interest age: from c 17 years 1.3
5AX Yeni başlayan okurlar için (yetişkin)
Use for: books that are specifically aimed at adult literacy or helping adult readers with reading difficulties or books that are suitable for adult readers who are not confident in their reading abilities or suitable for the newly literate
5AZ For people with learning / communication difficulties
Use for: indicating works where the content is specifically adapted for, or written for, or aimed at people, regardless of age, with special or additional needs, who may have difficulty in accessing or reading the content of most books. This could include content specifically adapted for people with, for example, dyslexia and other learning disabilities, cognitive impairments or disorders, dementia or Alzheimer’s, visual impairments, etc. Use with: 5PM* Qualifiers as appropriate
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