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Kod Rubrik Add Mod ?
Y Barnböcker, ungdomsböcker och läromedel
Use all Y* codes for: material aimed at, or purposefully written or created for a juvenile or adolescent audience (except for graphic novels, comic books, manga in X*). DO NOT USE: code ‘Y’ itself, but select specific categories from section Y*. Use all Y* codes with: only one INTEREST AGE 5A* Qualifier to indicate a guideline starting interest age (detailed age ranges should be included in other metadata) – or for YP* use EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE 4* qualifiers. All other qualifiers can be used as appropriate with Y* codes. DO NOT USE for: material intended primarily for adults that may also appeal to older teenagers. For ‘new adult’ content see note at 5LKE. Se även:
YB Bilderböcker, pysselböcker och pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år
Use all YB* codes for: physical or digital items - the headings relate purely to the content, not the format (Format information is described in other metadata). Use all YB* codes with: only one INTEREST AGE 5A* Qualifier to indicate a guideline starting interest age. Se även:
YBL Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år
Use all YBL* codes for: pre-school material only
YBLA Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år: bokstäver och ord
Class here: ABC and alphabet books, first word books etc
YBLB Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år: rim, ramsor och ordlekar
Class here: nursery rhymes and simple verse for very young children, tongue-twisters etc. Se även: YDP Barn och ungdom: poesi
YBLC Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år: siffror och räkning 1.1
YBLD Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år: färger 1.1
YBLF Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år: motsatser 1.1
YBLH Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år: storlek, form och mönster 1.1
YBLJ Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år: tid och årstider
Class here: telling the time, day and night, days of the week, seasons of the year, etc
YBLL Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år: djur och natur
Class here: baby animals
1.1 1.4
YBLM Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år: vardagsrutiner
Class here: elements of daily life for very young children: bath time and washing, meals and eating, bedtime, sleeping and getting up, getting dressed, potty and toilet training, etc
1.1 1.4
YBLN Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år: uppleva världen 1.1
YBLP Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år: yrken 1.1
YBLQ Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år: familjen
Use with: YXF* codes as appropriate
YBLT Pedagogiska böcker 0–5 år: fordon
Class here: books on ships, planes, trains, trucks, cars, bikes, buses and other moving vehicles for the very young