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X Tecknade romaner, serier och skämtteckningar
Use with: a ‘type’ from XA*, followed where possible & appropriate, with a ‘genre’ from XQ* for graphic novels & comic books
XA Tecknade romaner och tecknade serier
XAB Tecknade romaner: europeisk stil
Use for: In the European tradition, graphic novels are typically one-off publications, rather than part of a series, generally for an adult audience, often with distinctive graphics & more literary textual content, usually serious rather than humorous; they are works published originally as graphic novels, not adaptations of textual works
XAD Tecknade serier: europeisk stil
Use for: In the European tradition, comic books or ‘bandes dessinées’ are typically published in ongoing series, often featuring the same characters, as distinct from ‘one-off’ graphic novels
XAK Tecknade serier och tecknade romaner: amerikansk / brittisk stil
Use for: graphic novels & comic books in the American / British tradition
XAM Tecknade serier och manga: asiatisk stil
Use for: This sequence includes all Japanese comic books (Manga) plus those from other Asian countries including Korean (Manhwa) & Chinese (Manhua)