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Kod Rubrik Add Mod ?
V Hälsa, relationer och personlig utveckling
Use all V* codes for: general adult titles. DO NOT USE: code ‘V’ itself, but select specific categories from section V*. Use all V* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate, in particular INTEREST 5* Qualifiers. Prefer: codes from C*, J*, K*, L*, M*, Q*, R* for specialist works
VF Familj och hälsa
Use all VF* codes for: popular accounts for general readership. Prefer: codes from Sections J, M etc, as appropriate, for specialist and academic works
VFJ Personliga frågor och hälsotillstånd
Use for: general works meant for a non-professional audience, or works that explore or explain how to deal or cope with these topics or give practical advice. Use with: other codes as appropriate, for example F* codes for novels that use these topics as themes or 5L* codes when the topic covers a particular age group
VFJX Döden och sorgbearbetning
Class here: funerals, memorials, grief and loss. Se även: JHBZ Sociologi: döden
VFJX1 Självmord 1.2