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Kod Rubrik Add Mod ?
M Medicin och omvårdnad
Use all M* codes for: academic, technical and specialist healthcare and medical material only. Use with: Qualifiers NOT generally required and NOT usually mixed with other Subject codes. Prefer: V* codes for health topics aimed at a broad general adult audience
MB Medicin: allmänt
MBN Samhällsmedicin och preventiv medicin
MBNC Medicinsk screening
Class here: mass screening, high-risk or selective screening of populations or groups
MBNH Folkhälsa och hälsopedagogik
Class here: specialist and professional works on health education, patient education, training for health education specialists
MBNK Vaccination 1.3
MBNS Epidemiologi och medicinsk statistik
Class here: works that deal with applications of statistics to medicine and the health sciences or with the study of the incidence, distribution, and possible control of diseases (both epidemic and disease in general) and other non-disease, health-related conditions