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Kod Rubrik Add Mod ?
K Ekonomi, finansväsen, näringsliv och management
Use all K* codes for: specialist (professional and academic) and general adult titles, but see also VS* codes for practical approaches to many topics. Use all K* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate
KN Industrier och branscher
Use all KN* codes for: studies of whole sectors or works that look at aspects of these topics from a business or industrial studies perspective
KNA Lantbruksekonomi och primärnäringar
Use for: general works on these sectors or industries that do not have their own separate codes. Se även: KCVD Lantbruksekonomi
KNAC Lantbruk och livsmedelsindustri
Use for: titles about the agriculture and food production sector from a business or industrial studies perspective. Se även: TV* Agronomi och lantbruk och dess underkategorier