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K Ekonomi, finansväsen, näringsliv och management
Use all K* codes for: specialist (professional and academic) and general adult titles, but see also VS* codes for practical approaches to many topics. Use all K* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate
KC Nationalekonomi
KCS Ekonomiska system och strukturer
Use for: works on systems such as transitional economies, traditional economies, participatory economics, barter economy, gift economy, etc
KCSA Kapitalism
Class here: laissez-faire, market economies, free market, neoliberal economics, corporate capitalism, mercantilism, etc. Use for: works that look at capitalism as an economic model in all its variations
1.3 1.4
KCSD Blandekonomi
Class here: social market economies, welfare economies, social corporatism, state-sponsored capitalism, distributed ownership models, etc
1.3 1.4
KCSG Planekonomi
Class here: centrally-planned economies, command economies
KCST Cirkulär ekonomi
Class here: Circularity models. Use for: works about circular economic models based on repairing, remaking, reusing, redesigning goods and sustainable economic models aimed at eliminating waste and creating a continual use of resources