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J Samhälle och samhällsvetenskap
Use all J* codes for: specialist and some general adult titles, but see also V* codes for practical approaches to many topics. Use all J* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate. In J* use the most appropriate code(s) available, as many social sciences are broad topics that can have many alternative terms or names. Se även:
JB Samhälle och kultur: allmänt
Use all JB* codes for: both general and academic works on social topics. Use with: JH* codes for sociology textbooks and other specialist works as appropriate. Se även: VFV* Familj och relationer och dess underkategorier
JBS Sociala grupper och identitet
Use all JBS* codes with: other codes for specific topics, such as JBFA for discrimination, NHTB for social history, FX* for novels and INTEREST 5* Qualifiers as appropriate
JBSA Sociala klasser
Class here: class conflict, social stratification, socio-economic groups. Use for: works that examine class, a particular class, characteristics and distinctions of that class, interaction between different strata of society, perceptions and prejudices about particular classes
JBSC Landsbygd
Class here: small settlements in rural areas, people living in the countryside, semi-rural areas, isolated communities
JBSD Urbana samhällen
Class here: inner cities, suburbs, city and town dwellers, suburban communities. Use for: any works on urban or semi-urban settings
JBSF Genusvetenskap
Use for: works that examine social roles based on the sex of the person (gender role) or personal identification of one’s own gender based on an internal awareness (gender identity), as well as works that look at sex (based on the anatomy of an individual’s reproductive system, and secondary sex characteristics), including intersex people
Class here: queer studies, sexual diversity studies. Use for: studies of sexuality, sexual orientation and associated identity-based groups or cultures. Use with: other codes for specific topics, e.g. JBFA for homophobia or issues around discrimination or NHTB for LGBTQ+ history and 5PS* values from INTEREST 5* Qualifiers, as appropriate. Se även: JBSF3 Genusvetenskap: transpersoner, transsexuella och intersexuella
JBSL Etnicitet
Use with: other subject codes for interdisciplinary studies and PLACE 1* and 5PB* values from INTEREST 5* Qualifiers, as appropriate
JBSP Åldersgrupper och generationer
Use for: works that look at different generations, or topics, issues, problems for different generations or generational misunderstandings or conflicts, intergenerational topics, etc
JBSR Sociala grupper: religiösa grupper
Use with: 5PG* values from INTEREST 5* Qualifiers and QR* codes as appropriate
JBSW Sociala grupper: alternativa livsstilar
Use for: lifestyles that are diverse in regards to the mainstream or perceived to be outside the cultural norms. Se även:
JBSX Sociala grupper: hemliga sällskap
Class here: freemasonry. Se även: QRY* Alternativa trossystem och dess underkategorier, FHQ Ockulta thrillers
JBSY Sociala grupper: klubbar och sällskap
Class here: voluntary association or ‘elective affinities’, how and why people join and associate themselves with specific groups