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J Samhälle och samhällsvetenskap
Use all J* codes for: specialist and some general adult titles, but see also V* codes for practical approaches to many topics. Use all J* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate. In J* use the most appropriate code(s) available, as many social sciences are broad topics that can have many alternative terms or names. Se även:
JB Samhälle och kultur: allmänt
Use all JB* codes for: both general and academic works on social topics. Use with: JH* codes for sociology textbooks and other specialist works as appropriate. Se även: VFV* Familj och relationer och dess underkategorier
JBF Sociala och etiska frågor
Se även: PDR Naturvetenskapens och teknikens inverkan på samhället, QDTQ Etik och moralfilosofi, RNT Sociala effekter av miljöproblem
JBFA Diskriminering och jämlikhet
Use for: works about various forms of discrimination, about equality or inequality, about prejudice based on a person’s identity and also about measures to address these issues, such as diversity and inclusion policies, positive discrimination, work on unconscious bias. Use with: other JB* categories, or other subject codes and Qualifiers to denote specific forms of discrimination, e.g. with JBSF* codes for sexism or discrimination based on gender, QRAM9 plus 5PG* codes for discrimination based on religion, JBSJ plus 5PS* codes for discrimination based on sexual orientation etc
JBFB Integration 1.3
JBFC Fattigdom och otrygghet
Use for: works about food poverty, food banks, unemployment or employment when linked to poverty, the precariat, economic insecurity, underemployment, chaotic lifestyles, malnutrition linked to poverty, in-work poverty, the working poor etc
JBFD Bostadsproblem och hemlöshet
Class here: the unhoused, issues around providing houses, cost of homes, lack of accommodation etc
JBFF Sociala effekter av katastrofer
Class here: diseases, famine, malnutrition, forced movement of peoples as a result of disasters etc. Use with: other subject codes as appropriate. Se även: RNR Naturkatastrofer
JBFG Flyktingar och politisk asyl
Class here: asylum seekers, sanctuary. Use with: other codes for specific topics, such as JBFA for discrimination, JBFD for housing topics, NHTB for social history, FX for novels, etc
JBFH Migration, immigration och emigration
Use for: works about diasporas, expatriates, settlers or the migrants themselves, or cultural or social topics linked to migration. Use with: other codes for specific topics, such as JBFA for discrimination, JBFD for housing topics, NHTB for social history, FX for novels etc
JBFJ Trafficking och människohandel
Class here: forced labour, forced marriage, sexual slavery, modern-day slavery, forced prostitution, child labour. Se även: NHTS Slaveri och avskaffandet av slaveri
JBFK Våld och övergrepp
Class here: ill-treatment, maltreatment or wilful neglect in society, violence based on cultural traditions, violence against particular groups or individuals, institutional violence, violent criminal behaviour in society etc. Use for: works about perceptions of violence and insecurity in society, as well as works on actual violence, abuse and neglect. Se även: JKV Brottslighet och kriminologi
JBFL Control, privacy and safety in society
Use for: issues and debates around privacy, use of data, the role of government and big corporations, security, anti-terrorism, rights of the individual versus the rights of society, surveillance, public safety, social control and coercion.
See also: JPV Political control and freedoms
JBFM Funktionsvariationer: sociala aspekter
Use for: works that look at societal barriers to a person with impairments, the way societies treat disabled persons, the impact of policies, etc. Use with: 5PM* Qualifiers as appropriate and other codes for specific topics, such as JBFA for discrimination, JBFD for housing topics, JKS* for welfare, NHTB for social history, FX for novels etc
JBFN Hälsa, sjukdom och missbruk: sociala aspekter
Use for: studies of the social or cultural impact of health policies or different illnesses or addictions; social or cultural behaviour or reactions to different types of addictions, illnesses or health scares. Use with: MBP to indicate social aspects of health systems
JBFQ Social rörlighet
JBFS Konsumtion och konsumism
JBFU Djur och samhälle
Class here: animal rights, vivisection, hunting, animal welfare, the use of animals for food, as resources, as commodities, human impact on animal world, trade in animals etc, treated as issues
JBFV Etiska frågor och debatter
Use with: other categories to indicate works that treat a subject as an ethical debate. Se även: PSAD Bioetik, QDTQ Etik och moralfilosofi
JBFW Sexualitet och samhälle
Use for: general interest works on sex and society, pornography and the sex industry, sex work and prostitution. Se även: JMU Psykologi: sexualitet, VFVC Sexualitet och sexhandböcker
JBFX Normer och attityder
Class here: political correctness. Use for: general works about social, political and moral attitudes in societies. Use with: other categories for attitudes towards particular subjects or groups
JBFZ Sociala prognoser och framtidsstudier