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F Skönlitteratur
Use with: (all F* codes) may be used with PLACE 1* and/or TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers where these aspects are particularly pertinent & significant; appropriate non-fiction codes may be added after F* codes to indicate specific central themes or topics in fiction
FX Skönlitterära teman
Use with: (all FX* codes) other F* codes indicating genre or type, to indicate the underlying narrative theme of a work of fiction. FX* codes should never be the primary or main subject code
1.1 1.3
FXB Skönlitterära teman: mognad och utveckling
Class here: bildungsroman
FXD Skönlitterära teman: kärlek och relationer
Use for: fiction where a relationship or love is the central theme but not a genre romance novel
FXE Skönlitterära teman: miljöfrågor
Use for: fiction that addresses a specific environmental issue as a central theme
FXL Skönlitterära teman: död, sorg och förlust
Use for: fiction where a loss or the experience of grief is a central theme
FXM Skönlitterära teman: psykologi och känsloliv
Use for: fiction which places particular emphasis on interior characterization, and on the motives, feelings and thoughts of characters. Prefer FHX for psychological thrillers
FXP Skönlitterära teman: politik
Use for: fiction where political concerns are the underlying narrative theme including political allegories. Prefer FHP for political thrillers
FXR Skönlitterära teman: Roman du terroir
Use for: fiction set in a real location (often but not necessarily rural or historic), where the setting very deeply pervades the work to the extent that it could not be set anywhere else; eg the French tradition of ‘roman du terroir’. Use with: PLACE Qualifiers 1*
FXS Skönlitterära teman: sociala frågor
Use for: fiction that addresses a specific social problem or issue as a central theme. Use with: other Non-fiction codes especially JBF* codes to give more detail of main social issue
1.1 1.3