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F Skönlitteratur
Use with: (all F* codes) may be used with PLACE 1* and/or TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers where these aspects are particularly pertinent & significant; appropriate non-fiction codes may be added after F* codes to indicate specific central themes or topics in fiction
FB Skönlitteratur: allmänt
Use for: literary & non-genre fiction where date not known; prefer FBA or FBC as appropriate where possible. Use with: (all FB* codes) may be used with other F* codes indicating themes, genres or features where applicable
FC Biografiska romaner
Use for: highly fictionalised accounts of the lives of real people (including fictionalised autobiographies). Use with: FV where applicable. Se även: DN* Biografier, sanna berättelser, essäer etc. och dess underkategorier
1.1 1.4
FD Spekulativ skönlitteratur
FF Deckare
FG Idrottsromaner
Use with: S* codes to indicate specific sport featured
FH Thrillers
FJ Äventyrsromaner 1.4
FK Skräck
FL Science fiction
FM Fantasy
FN Myter, sagor och legender
Class here: myths & legends, folk & fairy tales or fables told in a story form. Use for: modern retellings in novel form or collections of these type of traditional stories aimed primarily at adults. Se även: DBS* Sagor och epos och dess underkategorier, QRS* Forntida religioner och mytologier och dess underkategorier, JBGB Folktro, myter och legender, YFJ Skönlitteratur barn och ungdom: sagor, myter och legender
FP Erotik
Use for: stories of an erotic nature that deal explicitly with sexual relationships and themes, that are not primarily a romance story. Do NOT use with FRX. Use with: INTEREST Qualifier 5X as appropriate. Se även: FRX Erotisk romance
FQ Feelgood
Class here: ‘chick lit’, ‘lad lit’, ‘romantic comedy’, ‘feel good’ fiction. Use for: stories set in the present day or contemporary settings, dealing with everyday themes or lifestyles, usually in a light-hearted manner
1.1 1.4
FR Romance
FS Familjeromaner
Use for: novels of domestic or small-scale family life. Se även: FT Släktromaner
1.1 1.4
FT Släktromaner
Class here: family sagas. Use for: novels which chronicle the fortunes of a family or families often over generations. Do NOT use for Icelandic or Norse sagas. Se även: FS Familjeromaner
FU Humoristiska romaner
Use for: fiction where humour is the primary aim & feature except prefer genre-specific ‘humorous’ headings where available. Use with: other F* codes as appropriate
FV Historiska romaner
Use for: stories set in the past (typically before the writer’s lifetime), where the time period is a significant or essential part of the story and that portray the spirit, manners, and social conditions of that time with realistic detail. Use with: other F* codes as appropriate. Use with: PLACE 1* and/or TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers to indicate setting as appropriate. Prefer genre-specific ‘historical’ headings where available. Se även: FFH Historiska deckare, FJH Historiska äventyrsromaner, FMH Historisk fantasy, FRH Historisk romance
FW Religiösa och andliga romaner
Use for: fiction designed to promote a particular religious, spiritual or visionary message. Use with: 5PG* values from INTEREST Qualifiers as appropriate, or where unavailable, a QR* or VX* code. Use with: other F* codes, for example FR, for Religious romance novels
FX Skönlitterära teman
Use with: (all FX* codes) other F* codes indicating genre or type, to indicate the underlying narrative theme of a work of fiction. FX* codes should never be the primary or main subject code
1.1 1.4
FY Skönlitteratur: form
Use with: (all FY* codes) with other F* code indicating genre or type. FY* codes should never be the primary or main subject code
FZ Läsguider
Use for: companion works to popular fiction series or titles, typically uncritical, such as an atlas of a mythical world, a compendium of characters, a guide to the series, etc. Se även: DSR Litteraturvetenskap: referensverk, XR* Tecknade romaner och tecknade serier: läsguider och kritik och dess underkategorier