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Kod Rubrik Add Mod ?
D Biografier och litteraturvetenskap
DN Biografier, sanna berättelser, essäer etc.
Use with: (all DN* codes) another specific subject code where possible, eg SFH “Golf” with DNBS. Se även: FC Biografiska romaner
DNB Biografi: allmänt
DNC Personliga berättelser
Use for: Memoirs are typically less structured & less encompassing than entire autobiographies, & are often about part of a life (eg childhood, a politician’s time in office) rather than one’s whole life. Use with: an autobiography code from the DNB* sequence above to indicate area where possible
DND Dagböcker och brev
Use for: where diary or journal entries, or letters, are collected, rather than the work being written specifically as an autobiography. Use with: an autobiography code from the DNB* sequence above to indicate area where appropriate
DNG Sanna berättelser om djur
Class here: biographies of specific animals, such as performing animals, racehorses, rescue animals etc
DNL Essäer och kåserier
Use for: essays or causeries on literary subjects; classify essays on a specific subject, eg philosophy, economics, with a code from and within that subject
DNP Reportage och samlingar av journalistiska texter
Class here: collected columns. Use with: appropriate codes, for example, an economics K* or a fiction F* code for reportage or collected journalism on these particular subjects, use on its own for more general works. Se även: WTL* Reseskildringar och dess underkategorier, AJF Fotojournalistik
Use for: collections of transcribed speeches. Use with: other code indicating subject where appropriate. Se även: QRVH Predikningar
DNT Antologier
Use for: all anthologies except poetry anthologies. Use with: other code indicating subject or literary form where appropriate. Se även: DCQ Poesiantologier
DNX Sanna berättelser
Use for: (all DNX* codes) for popular accounts of actual events written in a novelistic style