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D Biografier och litteraturvetenskap
Use all D* codes for: specialist and general adult titles. DO NOT USE: code ‘D’ itself, but select specific categories from section D*. Use all D* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate, in particular STYLE 6*, PLACE 1*, LANGUAGE 2* or TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers
DN Biografier, sanna berättelser, essäer etc.
Class here: life-writing. Use all DN* codes with: another specific subject code where possible, e.g. SFH “Golf” with DNBS. Se även: FC Biografiska romaner
DNB Biografi: allmänt
DNC Personliga berättelser
Use for: Memoirs are typically less structured and less encompassing than entire autobiographies, and are often about part of a life (e.g. childhood, a politician’s time in office) rather than one’s whole life. Use with: an autobiography code from the DNB* sequence above to indicate area where possible
DND Dagböcker och brev
Use for: works where diary or journal entries, or letters, are collected, including collected correspondence between more than one person, rather than the work being written specifically as an autobiography or memoir. Use with: an autobiography code from the DNB* sequence above to indicate area where appropriate
DNG Sanna berättelser om djur
Class here: biographies of specific animals, such as performing animals, racehorses, rescue animals etc
DNL Essäer och kåserier
Use for: essays or causeries on literary subjects; classify essays on a specific subject, e.g. philosophy, economics, with a code from and within that subject
DNP Reportage, journalistik och samlade krönikor
Class here: interviews. Use for: works that are usually written in a journalistic style and that were either previously published in a news medium or published as original works. Use with: other appropriate subject codes to indicate the particular subject, for example with JP* codes for political or KC* codes for economic reportage or use on its own for more general works. Se även: WTL* Reseskildringar och dess underkategorier, AJF Fotojournalistik och dokumentärfotografi
Use for: collections of transcribed speeches. Use with: other code indicating subject where appropriate. Se även: QRVH Predikningar
DNT Antologier: allmänt
Use for: all anthologies except poetry anthologies. Use with: other code indicating subject or literary form where appropriate. Se även: DCQ Poesiantologier
DNX Sanna berättelser: allmänt
Use all DNX* codes for: for popular accounts of actual events written in a narrative or journalistic style