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A Konst
Use all A* codes for: specialist and general adult titles, including both highly illustrated and more text-based works. For a hobby or recreational approach, prefer a WF* code as the main subject and supplement with A* code(s) where appropriate. Use all A* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers as appropriate, in particular STYLE 6*, plus PLACE 1* and TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers. Se även:
AM Arkitektur
Use all AM* codes with: STYLE 6*, PLACE 1* and TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers as appropriate
AMA Arkitekturteori
AMB Arkitekter och arkitektfirmor
Class here: architectural monographs
AMC Arkitektur: konstruktion och design
Class here: architectural drawings, sections, elevations, architectural renderings, floor plans. Use for: works that look at the subject from an architectural perspective. Use with: STYLE 6* Qualifiers as appropriate. Prefer: TN* codes for works that look at the technical nature of building and construction. Se även: TN* Väg- och vattenbyggnad, lantmäteri och byggnadsteknik och dess underkategorier
AMD Arkitektur: professionell praktik
AMG Arkitektur: offentliga byggnader
Class here: agricultural, industrial, commercial and civic buildings, concert halls, arenas, stadia, memorials and monuments, hospitals, lighthouses, libraries, museums, galleries, exhibition spaces, stations, airports, hotels, spas, factories, warehouses, offices, shops, stores etc. Use for: works on buildings which have a primary function other than residential or domestic, and which are usually accessible to large groups of people. Use with: AMR as appropriate. Se även: JWT Regementen, militära minnesmärken etc., WTHM Guider till museer och historiska platser
AMK Arkitektur: bostadshus
Class here: private homes, houses, apartments, flats, lofts, cottages, villas. Use for: works on house design, or about residential dwellings, both contemporary and historical, that can either be purpose built or converted structures. Use with: AMR interior design as appropriate. Se även: WJK Heminredning, AMR Inredningsarkitektur
AMN Arkitektur: sakrala byggnader
Class here: architectural aspects of abbeys, cathedrals, churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and other religious buildings or structures
AMR Inredningsarkitektur
Use for: works that look at the subject as a decorative art, often presented in well illustrated editions and aimed at a more professional or skilled audience, including studies of interior architecture and design, lighting design, residential, commercial or other interior design specialisations. Use with: AKB for individual interior designers. Prefer: WJK as a main subject code for more amateur and domestic approaches. Se även: WJK Heminredning
AMV Landskapsarkitektur
Se även: WMD Trädgårdsplanering och trädgårdsdesign
AMX Arkitekturhistoria
Use with: STYLE 6*, PLACE 1* and TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers as appropriate