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6 Stilar – tilläggskoder
Use STYLE 6* Qualifier codes WITH appropriate subject codes for: indicating the particular style of artistic or creative expression covered by the works content, such as a book on art, architecture, fashion, dance, music, (all A* categories) or with literary studies, e.g. use 6RA with DC* to indicate Romantic Poetry or 6EH to indicate Epic poetry. Use with: A*, D* and YN* and other categories as appropriate and with PLACE 1* Qualifiers when the content is about the style in a particular country or region. DO NOT USE: code “6” itself, but select appropriate specific qualifiers from section 6*
6S Stilar (S)
DO NOT USE 6S on individual books, this is a place holder only for all the styles that start with the letter S in the English version
6SA Surrealism
Class here: surrealist styles
6SB Soul och funk
6SC Samba och bossa nova
6SD Schweizerischer Werkbund
Class here: Swiss werkbund style
6SF Scuola Romana
Class here: Scuola di via Cavour, School of Rome
6SG Secession Groups
Class here: secessionist styles that do not have a separate code. Se även: 6AD Art Nouveau, 6BD Berliner Secession, 6VA Wiener Sezession
6SH Section d’Or
Class here: Groupe de Puteaux
6SJ Shakerstil
6SK Situationist International
6SL Soviet style, socialrealism
6SM Spansk eklekticism
6SN Neoplasticism
6SP Stuckism
6SQ Sturm und Drang
6SR Suprematism
6SS Swing
6ST Symbolism 1.3
6SU Syntetisk kubism
6SV Syntetism
6SW Satirisk 1.2