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6 Stilar – tilläggskoder
Use STYLE 6* Qualifier codes WITH appropriate subject codes for: indicating the particular style of artistic or creative expression covered by the works content, such as a book on art, architecture, fashion, dance, music, (all A* categories) or with literary studies, e.g. use 6RA with DC* to indicate Romantic Poetry or 6EH to indicate Epic poetry. Use with: A*, D* and YN* and other categories as appropriate and with PLACE 1* Qualifiers when the content is about the style in a particular country or region. DO NOT USE: code “6” itself, but select appropriate specific qualifiers from section 6*
6E Stilar (E)
DO NOT USE: 6E on individual books, this is a place holder only for all the styles that start with the letter E in the English version
6EA Empire
Class here: Federal style. Se även: 6NH Neoklassicism
6EB Easy listening
Class here: Ambient, Lounge, Chill-out, Mood-music styles
6EC The Eight
Use with: for the Ashcan School use with PLACE Qualifier 1KBB USA. For The Eight (A Nyolcak) use with Qualifier 1DTH Hungary
6ED Antik etruskisk stil
6EF Expressionism
Class here: Expressionist styles
6EG Antik egyptisk stil
Class here: Dynastic, Ptolemaic and revival styles
6EH Episk 1.2
6EJ Elegisk 1.2
6EK EDM (Electronic Dance Music) 1.4