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4 Utbildning – tilläggskoder
Use EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE 4* Qualifier codes WITH appropriate subject codes for: indicating the curriculum, examination or level for which educational material is specifically designed, such as school textbooks, language learning coursework, study aids, revision material, vocational training material etc. Use 4Z- national extensions when available for material written or created for a specific countries education system. 4Z codes may be used for material that is used in multiple countries, for example, the GMAT exam. Always use a 4* Qualifier when using a YP* codes. DO NOT USE: to indicate educational institutions that are the subject of a book, eg, a history of specific university. DO NOT USE: code “4” itself, but select appropriate specific qualifiers from section 4*
4L För språkkurser och språkexamen
Use all 4L* codes for: material for learners of an additional language, for material aimed at pupils or learners whose first or home language is different from the language being studied. Use all 4L* codes with: LANGUAGE 2* Qualifiers as appropriate
4LZ För språkkurser och språkexamen: andra språk än engelska
Use with: LANGUAGE 2* Qualifiers as appropriate. Se även: 4LE För ELT examen och certifikat
4LZ-ES-D Diplomas of Spanish as a foreign or second language
Class here: DELE, ELSE, CELU, ELE
1.2.7 1.4
4LZ-FR-D Diplomas of French as a foreign or second language
Class here: DELF / DALF / DILF / TCF / TEF. Use for: works preparing for exams or diplomas for French as a foreign language
1.3 1.4
4LZ-IT-H Certification of Italian language learning