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2 Språk – tilläggskoder
Use LANGUAGE 2* Qualifier codes WITH appropriate subject codes for: indicating the language(s) to which the book content applies – that is, the language the book is ABOUT, not the language the book is IN (the latter is described in other metadata) – such as a linguistics or literary studies work, a method for learning a language, a phrasebook or a dictionary. National extensions (i.e. 2*-xx- format codes, where ‘xx’ indicates a country code) can be assigned by any user, and are not exclusive to users in the indicated country. DO NOT USE: code “2” itself, but select appropriate specific qualifiers from section 2*
2J Amerikanska språk
2JN Nordamerikanska och centralamerikanska språk
2JNN Uto-aztekiska språk
Class here: Tepehuán, O’otham, Tarahumara, Rarámuri / Ralámuli, Huarijio, Varihío, Huichol, Cora
2JNNA Nahuatl languages
Class here: Aztec / Aztecan, Nahuan. Use for: the various languages and dialects that are part of this family. Equivalent to code nah from ISO 639-2