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5 Kvalifikátory záujmu
Nepoužívajte „5“ na jednotlivé knihy, ale vyberte podľa potreby konkrétne kvalifikátory zo sekcie 5*
5A Záujmy podľa veku/úrovne
Use all 5A* codes for: indicating a general guideline starting interest age of the content in any works aimed primarily at children or teenagers. All Y* codes (except YP* which use 4* codes) MUST be accompanied by one 5A* qualifier code to give guidance of interest age, for example: book content for 9 to 12 age group, should use 5AK; content of interest to teenagers should use 5AP; content for older teenagers and young adults should use 5AS or 5AT as appropriate. 5AX and 5AZ can be used with any relevant subject code. All 5A* codes can be used with X* subject codes if the Comic book is aimed at children or teenagers. Greater detail of age range, reading age, interest age etc would be communicated in other metadata
5H Prázdniny, udalosti a sezónne záujmy
Use all 5H* codes for: indicating that the content of a work is largely about or relates to the holiday, event or season, for example a book featuring a Christmas story would use 5HPD or a book about birthdays for children would use 5HKA, a romance story that is all about summer could use 5HRB. DO NOT USE: to create list of suggested titles for sale at a particular season (this is information that is conveyed elsewhere in the supply chain) if those titles do not have content relating to the 5H* code
5J Pre konkrétne skupiny
Kódy 5J* používajte výnimočne na taký materiál, ktorý je určený výlučne jednej konkrétnej skupine, nemusí však nevyhnutne byť iba o nej
5L Relating to the stages of life
Use all 5L* codes for: indicating the content of the work has major themes, topics or storylines relating to, or of major interest to, or are specifically about, the main stages of life. A novel about teenage anxiety could use 5LF, a romance set amongst students at university could use 5LKE, or a book about Yoga for seniors could use 5LKS. DO NOT USE: to indicate a targeted audience for marketing purposes, the content should be primarily about this stage of life or age group
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5P Týka sa konkrétnych skupín alebo kultúr
Use all 5P* codes for: indicating the content of the work has major themes, topics or storylines relating to, or of major interest to, or are specifically about the particular group of people. DO NOT USE: to indicate a target audience for marketing purposes, nor to identify the origin of the author, unless this relates to the content of the work
5X Obsahuje explicitný materiál
Use for: titles featuring scenes or vocabulary, that could cause offense or upset an unaware reader, usually of a sexual or violent or discriminatory nature, and therefore only suitable for a relatively mature teen or an adult audience and where it is considered important that any potential reader is made aware that the content may not be suitable for all. If using 5X with a Y* code it is highly recommended that an explanation of the reason for using it be sent in a descriptive text elsewhere in the titles metadata and that a suitable 5A * Age qualifier be used

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