Предметные категории Тэма 1.4

Предыдущие версии Тэма все еще доступны 1.3 1.2.

Просмотр предметных разделов Thema, расположенных по иерархическому принципу деления, либо поиск по конкретным терминам в пределах иерархии.

Смотрите ниже советы по Поиску .

Обозначение Текстовое содержимое Доб мод ?
Y Детская, Подростковая и Образовательная литература 1.4
YB Children’s: picture books, activity books, early learning concepts
Use all YB* codes for: physical or digital items – the headings relate purely to the content, not the format (Format information is described in other metadata). Use all YB* codes with: only one INTEREST AGE 5A* Qualifier to indicate a guideline starting interest age
YBL Early years / early learning concepts
Use all YBL* codes for: pre-school material only
YBLA Early years: letters and words
Class here: ABC and alphabet books, first word books etc
YBLB Early years: verse, rhymes and wordplay
Class here: nursery rhymes and simple verse for very young children, tongue-twisters etc.
See also: YDP Children’s / Teenage: Poetry
YBLC Early years: numbers and counting 1.1
YBLD Early years: colours 1.1
YBLF Early years: opposites 1.1
YBLH Early years: size, shapes and patterns 1.1
YBLJ Early years: time and seasons
Class here: telling the time, day and night, days of the week, seasons of the year, etc
YBLL Early years: nature and animals
Class here: baby animals
1.1 1.4
YBLM Early years: daily routine
Class here: elements of daily life for very young children: bath time and washing, meals and eating, bedtime, sleeping and getting up, getting dressed, potty and toilet training, etc
1.1 1.4
YBLN Early years: first experiences 1.1
YBLP Early years: people who help us 1.1
YBLQ Early years: family
Use with: YXF* codes as appropriate
YBLT Early years: things that go
Class here: books on ships, planes, trains, trucks, cars, bikes, buses and other moving vehicles for the very young

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