Предметные категории Тэма 1.4

Предыдущие версии Тэма все еще доступны 1.3 1.2.

Просмотр предметных разделов Thema, расположенных по иерархическому принципу деления, либо поиск по конкретным терминам в пределах иерархии.

Смотрите ниже советы по Поиску .

Обозначение Текстовое содержимое Доб мод ?
J Общественные и Социальные Науки 1.4
JP Politics and government
JPA Political science and theory
See also: QDTS Social and political philosophy
JPB Comparative politics
JPF Political ideologies and movements
Use for: works on different parts of the political spectrum
JPH Political structure and processes
JPL Political parties and party platforms
Use for: works that look at individual or multiple political parties, or examine particular party platforms or programs. Use with: JPF* codes for works about a particular party on the political spectrum
JPN Indigenous people: governance and politics
Class here: works on policies, government
1.3 1.4
JPP Public administration
See also: KNV Civil service and public sector
JPQ Central / national / federal government
JPR Regional, state and other local government
Use for: any government within a country that is not municipal or city based (these are within scope of JPT).
See also: JPT Municipal / city government
JPS International relations
Class here: International politics, foreign policy
JPT Municipal / city government
Use for: city regions (e.g. Greater London or the Bay Area), metropolitan areas or key subdivisions of urban areas such as boroughs
1.2 1.3
JPV Political control and freedoms
Class here: political propaganda
JPW Political activism
JPZ Corruption in politics, government and society
Class here: government and public sector corruption, judicial and police corruption, bribery and corruption as part of everyday life in society etc.
See also: JKV* Crime and criminology and its subcategories

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