Предметные категории Тэма 1.4

Предыдущие версии Тэма все еще доступны 1.3 1.2.

Просмотр предметных разделов Thema, расположенных по иерархическому принципу деления, либо поиск по конкретным терминам в пределах иерархии.

Смотрите ниже советы по Поиску .

Обозначение Текстовое содержимое Доб мод ?
A Искусство 1.4
AK Промышленное / коммерческое искусство и дизайн
With AK* codes, assign also STYLE Qualifier(s) as appropriate
AKB Individual designers or design groups
Class here: design agencies, brands, companies, firms or houses as well as named individuals. Use with: other subject codes to indicate what field of design as appropriate, e.g. AKT for fashion designers, plus AKX for historical approaches
AKC Graphic design
AKD Typography and lettering
Class here: typefaces, font design and fonts, sign painting, shufa, shodo, khatt and other forms of calligraphy as an art.
See also: WFU Calligraphy and hand-lettering
AKH Book design and Bookbinding
Class here: cover design, fine binding, paper marbling, etc as arts. Use for: works on the arts of designing and creating books.
See also: WFT Book and paper crafts, AKLB Illustration, KNTP1 Publishing and book trade
AKL Illustration and commercial art
AKP Product design
Class here: universal or accessible design for products, Industrial design. Use for: works about product design in general, including associated trade or brand names, about design of an individual product or types of products, about functionality and safety, sustainable design of products etc.
See also: TBD Technical design, UGC Computer-aided design (CAD)
AKR Furniture design
AKT Fashion and textile design
Use for: fashion styles and trends in fashion design, general and reference works, works about specific items of clothing, illustrated works about fashion etc. Use all AKT* codes with: AKB for individual fashion designers, with AKX for history of fashion, plus STYLE 6*, PLACE 1* and TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers as appropriate, with AJC* for photographic collections or fashion photography, with AGZ for practical techniques for fashion students and designers.
Prefer: WJF as the main subject code for works aimed at a general audience about how to dress, guides to looking stylish, practical tips etc.
See also: TDPF* Textiles and fibres and its subcategories, KNDD Apparel, garment and textile industries, KNSX Fashion and beauty industries, WJF Fashion and style guides
AKX History of design
Use with: other AK* and also STYLE 6*, PLACE 1* and TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers as appropriate

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