Предметные категории Тэма 1.4

Предыдущие версии Тэма все еще доступны 1.3 1.2.

Просмотр предметных разделов Thema, расположенных по иерархическому принципу деления, либо поиск по конкретным терминам в пределах иерархии.

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Обозначение Текстовое содержимое Доб мод ?
A Искусство 1.4
AJ Фотография и фотографии
AJC Photographs: collections
Use for: works that are or are about collections or curated selections of photos usually with a common theme or principle or representing the collection of a museum, gallery, agency or collector. Use with: AG* codes for specific treatments or subjects or other codes indicating the theme as appropriate.
See also: WQP Places in old photographs
AJF Photojournalism and documentary photography
Class here: photographic reportage, social documentary and street photography, event and celebrity photography.
See also: DNP Reportage, journalism or collected columns
AJT Photographic equipment and techniques: general
Class here: cameras, lenses, lighting, film, flash, darkroom techniques and photo processing, retouching and digital manipulation, principles of colour, composition, black and white etc.
See also: UGP Photo and image editing

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