Предметные категории Тэма 1.4

Предыдущие версии Тэма все еще доступны 1.3 1.2 1.1 1.0.

Просмотр предметных разделов Thema, расположенных по иерархическому принципу деления, либо поиск по конкретным терминам в пределах иерархии.

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Обозначение Текстовое содержимое Доб мод ?
1 Определители место
Do not use “1” on individual books, but select qualifiers from section 1* as appropriate
1D Европа
1DZ Europe: physical features
1DZT Europe: mountains, hills, plains, coastlines etc 1.1
1DZTA The Alps
Use with: other 1* PLACE qualifiers to indicate if a work is specifically about a particular sub-division of the Alps, such as the Austrian, French or Lepontine Alps, when there is no dedicated code
1DZTB The Caucasus
Use for: the mountains and region
1DZTC Carpathian mountains
1DZTH The Balkans
Use for: the mountains and region
1DZTJ Bohemian Massif 1.4
1DZTP The Pyrenees
1DZTS Scandinavian Mountains 1.2
1DZTU Ural mountains
1DZT-BE-A The Ardennes
Class here: Ardennes Forest
1DZT-DE-A Harz mountains
Class here: The Brocken
1.1 1.4
1DZT-DE-B Rhön mountains 1.1
1DZT-DE-C Eifel region 1.1
1DZT-DE-D Black Forest region 1.1
1DZT-DE-E Rhineland 1.1
1DZT-FR-J Jura Mountains 1.2.6
1DZT-GB-C Cotswolds
Prefer: code in South west England: Places of interest.
See also: 1DDU-GB-EWZC The Cotswolds
1.1.2 1.2.6
1DZT-GB-P Pennines
Prefer: code in North and northeast England: Places of interest.
See also: 1DDU-GB-EYZB The Pennines
1.1.2 1.2.6
1DZT-IT-A Northern Apennines
Prefer: code in Northern Italy: Places of interest.
See also: 1DST-IT-NZB The Northern Apennines
1.1 1.2.8
1DZT-IT-B Central Apennines
Prefer: code in Central Italy: Places of interest.
See also: 1DST-IT-TXF The Central Apennines
1.1 1.2.8
1DZT-IT-C Southern Apennines
Prefer: code in Southern Italy: Places of interest.
See also: 1DST-IT-UZC The Southern Apennines
1.1 1.2.8
1DZT-IT-G Karst plateau 1.1
1DZT-IT-L Maremma
Prefer: code in Central Italy: Places of interest.
See also: 1DST-IT-TXM Maremma
1.1 1.2.8
1DZT-IT-N Val d’Orcia
Prefer: code in Italy – Tuscany – Siena.
See also: 1DST-IT-TSEB Val d’Orcia
1.1 1.2.8
1DZT-IT-P Tavoliere delle Puglie
Prefer: code in Italy – Apulia – Foggia.
See also: 1DST-IT-UPGB Tavoliere delle Puglie
1.1 1.2.8
1DZT-IT-R Amalfi coast
Prefer: code in Italy – Campania – Salerna.
See also: 1DST-IT-UMSC The Amalfi coast
1.1 1.2.8
1DZT-IT-T Costa Smeralda
Prefer: code in Italy – Sardinia – Sassari.
See also: 1DST-IT-UDSD Costa Smeralda
1.1 1.2.8

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