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Y Literatura infantojuvenil & educativa
Use all Y* codes for: material aimed at, or purposefully written or created for a juvenile or adolescent audience (except for graphic novels, comic books, manga in X*). DO NOT USE: code ‘Y’ itself, but select specific categories from section Y*. Use all Y* codes with: only one INTEREST AGE 5A* Qualifier to indicate a guideline starting interest age (detailed age ranges should be included in other metadata) – or for YP* use EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE 4* qualifiers. All other qualifiers can be used as appropriate with Y* codes. DO NOT USE for: material intended primarily for adults that may also appeal to older teenagers. For ‘new adult’ content see note at 5LKE. Ver também:
YX Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis
Usar códigos YX*sozinhos ou com outros códigos Y* que indiquem o tipo de livro; usar com o apropriado código YF* para ficção destinada a tratar esses assunto
YXA Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis: corpo e saúde
Use for: popular health approaches to the human body or specific parts of the body. Use with: YXL* codes for mental health topics linked to the body, such as body image
YXB Children’s / Teenage personal and social topics: LGBTQ+
Use with: 5PSG, 5PSL, 5PT INTEREST Qualifiers as appropriate or YF* codes for stories that are about these topics
1.3 1.4
YXC Children’s / Teenage personal and social topics: Gender identity
Use for: titles that deal with anything to do with gender for young people, for example what it means to be a girl or boy or questions about identity. Use with: other codes as appropriate to give more information.
See also: YNMF Children’s / Teenage general interest: Girls and women, YNMH Children’s / Teenage general interest: Boys and men
YXD Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis: autoconsciência e autoestima
Class here: self-discovery, self-knowledge, self-worth, self-image, self-identity
YXE Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis: emoções
Classificar aqui: compreensão dos medos, felicidade, solidariedade, tristeza, empatia, alienação, frustração, etc.
YXF Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis: questões familiares
Class here: mothers, fathers, parents and step-parents, grandparents, relatives, blended families, extended family members etc. Use for: works about families, issues in families, particular members of a family, etc
YXG Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis: morte e luto
Class here: grief and loss
YXH Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis: relações (não familiares)
Use for: relationships within peer or social groups
YXJ Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis: drogas e viciação 1.3
YXK Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis: deficiência e necessidades especiais
Class here: physical disabilities and impairments, visible or invisible disabilities or conditions, wheelchair users etc. Use with: 5PM* Qualifiers as appropriate
YXL Children’s / Teenage personal and social topics: Physical and mental health conditions
Use all YXL* codes for: titles aimed either at young people who have a particular condition or to help understand others who have a particular condition. Use all YXL* codes with: 5PM* Qualifiers as appropriate
1.2 1.4
YXM Children’s / Teenage personal and social topics: multicultural
Use for: works on social and cultural topics linked to multiculturalism, multicultural societies
YXN Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis: racismo e multiculturalismo
Class here: xenophobia. Use for: works about discrimination and prejudice based on skin colour, race or ethnic origin, or prejudices based on the perception that someone is foreign or from outside the community, and issues of inequality and discrimination, as well as measures to address racism
YXP Children’s / Teenage personal and social topics: Diversity and inclusion
Use for: books that deal with these topics and stories with a particularly diverse cast of characters, or which illustrate inclusivity within the context of the story without necessarily being the subject of the story. Use with: YF* codes for stories and values from 5P* INTEREST Qualifiers as appropriate
1.3 1.4
YXQ Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis: bullying, violência, maus tratos e pressão dos colegas 1.3
YXR Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis: segurança pessoal
Classificar aqui: lidar com estranhos, segurança na estrada, segurança em casa, etc.
1.1 1.3
YXS Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis: fuga de casa
Class here: homelessness
1.1 1.3
YXT Questões pessoais & sociais infantojuvenis: absentismo e problemas escolares 1.3
YXV Questões pessoais & sociais juvenis: aconselhamento sobre carreiras e continuação dos estudos, saída da escola
Use for: titles about work, jobs, careers, professions aimed at a young audience but not educational. Ver também: YPJV2 Educational: Business administration and office skills, YPWC9 Educational: Work experience / Careers
YXW Children’s / Teenage personal and social topics: First experiences and growing up
Class here: coming of age
1.3 1.4
YXZ Questões sociais infantojuvenis
Class here: social activism. Use for: titles that deal with directly the topics. Use with: YF* codes for stories that are about these topics

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