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5 Qualificadores de Público-alvo
NÃO USAR “5” nos livros, mas selecionar qualificadores da secção 5* quando adequado
5H Holidays, events and seasonal interest
Use all 5H* codes for: indicating that the content of a work is largely about or relates to the holiday, event or season, for example a book featuring a Christmas story would use 5HPD or a book about birthdays for children would use 5HKA, a romance story that is all about summer could use 5HRB. DO NOT USE: to create list of suggested titles for sale at a particular season (this is information that is conveyed elsewhere in the supply chain) if those titles do not have content relating to the 5H* code
5HP Religious holidays
Use with: 5PG* codes for religious festivals or holidays associated with a particular religion that do not have a unique code
5HPD Christmas
5HPF Easter
5HPG Holi (Festival of Colours) 1.3
5HPH Diwali
5HPK Ramadan
5HPL Eid al-Adha
Class here: Feast of Sacrifice
5HPU Hanukkah
5HPV Passover (Pesach)
5HPW Rosh Hashanah
5HPY Other religious holidays, festivals or celebrations
Use for: works about days that venerate, commemorate or celebrate a particular spiritual being, holy person or religious community; works that are associated with particular periods of formal religious observance, days of specific liturgical worship, official holidays from religious calendars, etc. Use with: QR*, 5PG* codes and PLACE 1* Qualifiers as appropriate
5HP-NL-N Saint Nicholas Day 1.3.3

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