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Código Etiqueta da Categoria Add Mod ?
4 Educational purpose qualifiers
DO NOT USE “4” on individual books, but select qualifiers from section 4* as appropriate
4T For specific educational purposes
4TC Textbook, coursework
4TM Revision & study guide
4TN For examinations / tests / assessments
Class here: past papers, mock exam papers, model tests, exam preparation titles
4TP Content and language integrated learning (CLIL)
Use for: material that is suitable to be used to teach non-linguistic subjects in a second or non-native language
4TV For supplementary education programmes (compensatory / complementary education)
Use for: educational material intended to make up for experiences (such as cultural experiences) lacked by disadvantaged children
4TW For specific learning difficulties
Use for: educational material designed for differentiated learning and people with specific learning difficulties
4TY For home learning

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