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6 Qualificadores de Estilo
Use STYLE 6* Qualifier codes WITH appropriate subject codes for: indicating the particular style of artistic or creative expression covered by the works content, such as a book on art, architecture, fashion, dance, music, (all A* categories) or with literary studies, e.g. use 6RA with DC* to indicate Romantic Poetry or 6EH to indicate Epic poetry. Use with: A*, D* and YN* and other categories as appropriate and with PLACE 1* Qualifiers when the content is about the style in a particular country or region. DO NOT USE: code “6” itself, but select appropriate specific qualifiers from section 6*
6M Estilos (M)
DO NOT USE: 6M on individual books, this is a place holder only for all the styles that start with the letter M in the English version
6MA Maneirismo
Class here: Mannerist styles
6MB Estilo Medieval
Class here: Migration period, pre-Romanesque, Merovingian, Carolingian, Ottonian, Anglo-Saxon styles. Use for: styles from the mediaeval period that do not have their own code
6MC Modernismo
Class here: Modernist styles
6MD Macchiaioli
6MF Minimalismo
Class here: minimalist styles
6MG Estilo Minoan
Class here: Ancient Cretan style
6MH Mundo da Arte
Class here: Miriskusniki
6MJ Estilo Moçárabe
Class here: Repoblación
6MK Estilo Micênico Antigo
Class here: Cyclopean style
6MM Mid-century modern 1.4
6MN Muralism 1.4
6MQ Mughal style 1.4

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