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Kod Kategoria Add Mod ?
6 Kwalifikatory stylu
Use STYLE 6* Qualifier codes WITH appropriate subject codes for: indicating the particular style of artistic or creative expression covered by the works content, such as a book on art, architecture, fashion, dance, music, (all A* categories) or with literary studies, e.g. use 6RA with DC* to indicate Romantic Poetry or 6EH to indicate Epic poetry. Use with: A*, D* and YN* and other categories as appropriate and with PLACE 1* Qualifiers when the content is about the style in a particular country or region. DO NOT USE: code “6” itself, but select appropriate specific qualifiers from section 6*
6B Style na ‚B’ po angielsku
DO NOT USE: 6B on individual books, this is a place holder only for all the styles that start with the letter B in the English version
6BA Barok
Class here: French classicism, Petrine Baroque
6BB Szkoła z Barbizon
6BC Bauhaus
6BD Secesja berlińska
6BF Biedermeier
6BG Beatnicy (bitnicy)
6BH Bebop
6BJ Błękitny jeździec (Der Blaue Reiter)
6BK Grupa Bloomsbury
6BL Bluegrass
6BM Blues
6BN Die Brücke
6BP Styl bizantyński
6BQ Brutalism
Class here: Brutalist styles, Béton brut, Proto-Brutalism

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