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Codering Classificatietitel Add Mod ?
X Graphic novels, stripboeken, cartoons
Use all X* codes for: general adult, teenage or children’s titles. DO NOT USE: code ‘X’ itself, but select specific categories from section X*. INTEREST AGE 5A* Qualifiers MUST be used with titles aimed at children or teenagers. Use all X* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate, in particular with PLACE 1*, TIME PERIOD 3* and INTEREST 5* Qualifiers
XA Graphic novels en stripboeken: soorten
XAM Manga en Aziatische strips
Use for: XAM* codes include all Japanese comic books (Manga) plus those from other Asian countries including Korean (Manhwa) and Chinese (Manhua) and from non-Asian countries, but designed according the ‘Manga style’
XAMC Manga: Kodomo
Use for: Manga for children, boys and girls, age around 6 to 10
XAMF Manga: Shōjo
Use for: Manga designed for young and teenage girls, age around 10 to 15
XAMG Manga: Shōnen
Use for: Manga designed primarily for young and teenage boys, age around 10 to 15
XAML Manga: Seinen
Use for: Manga designed for young adult men, from about 15 to 30 years old. Use with: Qualifier 5X as appropriate
XAMR Manga: Josei
Use for: Manga designed specifically for young adult women
XAMT Manga: Yaoi
Class here: boys’ love (BL). Use for: Manga featuring young male same-sex relationships, created principally, but not exclusively, for a young female readership. Use with: 5PSG as appropriate. Zie ook: FYQ Fiction: special features: Yaoi / BL novels
XAMV Manga: Bara
Class here: Men’s Love (ML) manga. Use for: manga focusing on male same-sex love, usually created by gay men for a gay male audience. Use with: 5PSG and 5X as appropriate
1.3 1.4
XAMX Manga: volwassen (erotisch, extreem geweld)
Use for: Manga designed for adults featuring scenes of an overtly adult nature only suitable for an aware and mature audience. Use with: other XAM* codes as appropriate and Qualifier 5X as appropriate. Zie ook: XAMX2 Manga: Hentai
XAMY Manga: Yuri
Class here: girls’ Love. Use for: Manga featuring young female same-sex relationships often (but not exclusively) for a young female readership. Use with: 5PSL as appropriate
1.2 1.4

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