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L Wetgeving
Use all L* codes for: academic, professional or specialist titles only. DO NOT USE: code ‘L’ itself, but select specific categories from section L*. The L* section is not meant to reflect any particular legal system and many titles will need at least two codes to create the appropriate category. Use all L* codes with: PLACE 1* Qualifiers to indicate jurisdiction (especially with LN* codes), plus other qualifiers as appropriate. Prefer: VS* codes for more general adult titles. Zie ook:
LN Wetten van specifieke jurisdicties en specifieke rechtsgebieden
Use all LN* codes with: PLACE 1* Qualifiers to indicate jurisdiction, as appropriate
LNT Sociale en medische wetgeving
LNTC Liefdadigheidswetgeving
LNTD Onderwijswetgeving
LNTH Sociale zekerheid en welzijnswetgeving
LNTJ Volksgezondheidswetgeving
LNTM Medische en gezondheidswetgeving
LNTN Farmaceutische wetgeving
LNTQ Invaliditeit en de wet
LNTS Wet en ouderen
LNTU Wetgeving inzake consumentenbescherming
LNTV Voedselwetgeving
Use for: works on laws and regulations covering food standards, including food imports and exports, associated animal welfare regulations, food safety, traceability, on labelling and product withdrawals and recalls, allergy advice etc. Zie ook: LNCB7 Regelgeving in de horeca en ambachtswetgeving
LNTX Kansspelwet
Use for: works on laws relating to selling of alcohol, gambling etc, including their prohibition, and laws relating to establishments

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