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Codering Classificatietitel Add Mod ?
J Samenleving en sociale wetenschappen
Use all J* codes for: specialist and some general adult titles, but see also V* codes for practical approaches to many topics. Use all J* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate. In J* use the most appropriate code(s) available, as many social sciences are broad topics that can have many alternative terms or names. Zie ook:
JN Onderwijs
Use all JN* codes for: works about education as a practice or subject, but use YP* codes for schoolbooks or educational material for pupils in pre-tertiary education. Zie ook:
JNA Filosofie en theorie van het onderwijs 1.1
JNB Geschiedenis van het onderwijs
Class here: history of specific schools, colleges, as well as general history
JNC Didactiek
JND Onderwijssystemen en onderwijsstructuren
Class here: issues of selection, admissions, inspection, governance etc. Use with: PLACE 1* Qualifiers for comparisons between different education systems
JNE Sociale pedagogie
Use for: works about social pedagogy as a field of study
JNF Onderwijsstrategieën en beleid
Class here: teaching strategies for literacy, numeracy etc; policies regarding streaming etc
JNG Zorg en educatie voor peuters en kleuters
Use for: works aimed at professionals dealing with childcare or general works on subject. Zie ook: JNLA Kleuterschool
JNH Thuisonderwijs
JNK Onderwijsadministratie en organisatie 1.3
JNL Scholen en kleuterscholen
Zie ook: VSK Advies over onderwijs
JNM Hoger onderwijs, tertiair onderwijs
Class here: all advanced and post-secondary education, including institutions offering vocational, technical or non-degree courses as well as universities. Zie ook: VSK Advies over onderwijs
JNP Volwassenenonderwijs, doorlopend leren
Class here: lifelong learning, popular education, community education, ‘Bildung’. Use for: works about education or training of adult learners that are neither university nor vocational training. Zie ook: VSL Gidsen en handboeken voor geletterdheid bij volwassenen, VSN Gidsen en handboeken voor gecijferdheid bij volwassenen
JNQ Open leren, afstandsonderwijs
JNR Carrièrebegeleiding
JNS Onderwijs van studenten met andere onderwijsbehoeften
Class here: special education, mixed classes of students with different cultural or linguistic backgrounds etc
JNT Onderwijsvaardigheden en -technieken
Class here: classroom control, coaching and mentoring, lesson planning, tutoring
JNU Onderwijs over een specifiek onderwerp
Use with: the code for the subject taught, using YP* Educational codes where appropriate
JNV Apparatuur en technologie in het onderwijs, computerondersteund leren
Class here: media technology in classroom, Learning management systems. Use for: works about using digital technologies in class and for learning
JNW Buitenschoolse activiteiten
Class here: field trips, school trips, sporting and community activities, events, performances, playtime/mealtime, after-school activities, school clubs etc
JNZ Studievaardigheden en leervaardigheden: algemeen

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