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Codering Classificatietitel Add Mod ?
J Samenleving en sociale wetenschappen
Use all J* codes for: specialist and some general adult titles, but see also V* codes for practical approaches to many topics. Use all J* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate. In J* use the most appropriate code(s) available, as many social sciences are broad topics that can have many alternative terms or names. Zie ook:
JB Samenleving en cultuur: algemeen
Use all JB* codes for: both general and academic works on social topics. Use with: JH* codes for sociology textbooks and other specialist works as appropriate. Zie ook: VFV* Familie en relaties: advies en kwesties en zijn subcategorieën
JBF Sociale kwesties en ethische kwesties
Zie ook: PDR Impact van wetenschap en technologie op de samenleving, QDTQ Ethiek en morele filosofie, RNT Sociale impact van milieuproblematiek
JBFK Geweld en misbruik in de maatschappij
Class here: ill-treatment, maltreatment or wilful neglect in society, violence based on cultural traditions, violence against particular groups or individuals, institutional violence, violent criminal behaviour in society etc. Use for: works about perceptions of violence and insecurity in society, as well as works on actual violence, abuse and neglect. Zie ook: JKV Misdaad en criminologie
JBFK1 Kindermishandeling
Class here: child neglect
JBFK2 Seksueel misbruik en seksuele intimidatie
Class here: sexual violence, rape, sexual assault. Zie ook: JKVN Violent crimes
JBFK3 Huiselijk geweld
Class here: domestic violence, family violence, intimate partner violence, coercive control, gaslighting, master suppression techniques and countermeasures. Zie ook:
JBFK4 Pesten en intimidatie
Class here: mobbing, social media trolling, cyberbullying, intimidation, coercion, mobbing, stalking and threatening behaviour. Use with: JBCT* codes when linked to different kinds of media, KNXC or KJMV2 for workplace harassment
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