Thema classificatiesysteem 1.3

Eerdere versies van Thema zijn nog steeds beschikbaar 1.2 1.1 1.0.

Blader door de Thema classificatie hiërarchie, of zoek een specifieke term binnen een hiërarchie.

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Codering Classificatietitel Add Mod ?
F Fictie
Use with: (all F* codes) may be used with PLACE 1* and/or TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers where these aspects are particularly pertinent & significant; appropriate non-fiction codes may be added after F* codes to indicate specific central themes or topics in fiction
FH Thriller / spannende fictie
FHD Spionagethriller
FHK Technothriller
Use for: thrillers incorporating scientific, technological (including computing), medical, etc elements as important parts of the narrative
FHP Politieke en juridische thrillers
FHQ Esoterische thriller
Use for: thrillers featuring traditions of ancient, secret or esoteric knowledge, such as Holy Grail, etc
FHX Psychologische thriller

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