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Codering Classificatietitel Add Mod ?
Y Kinderen, tieners en onderwijs
Use all Y* codes for: material aimed at, or purposefully written or created for a juvenile or adolescent audience (except for graphic novels, comic books, manga in X*). DO NOT USE: code ‘Y’ itself, but select specific categories from section Y*. Use all Y* codes with: only one INTEREST AGE 5A* Qualifier to indicate a guideline starting interest age (detailed age ranges should be included in other metadata) – or for YP* use EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE 4* qualifiers. All other qualifiers can be used as appropriate with Y* codes. DO NOT USE for: material intended primarily for adults that may also appeal to older teenagers. For ‘new adult’ content see note at 5LKE. Zie ook:
YN Kinderen / tieners: algemeen
Use for: all general interest material not covered elsewhere and not designed specifically for school use. Use all YN* codes for: non-fiction works. Use all YN* codes with: INTEREST AGE 5A* Qualifiers, with relevant YF* code for fiction on specific topics, as appropriate
YNR Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: filosofie, religie en overtuigingen
Use all YNR* codes for: works about schools of thought, belief systems, spiritual traditions, religion or stories from that religious tradition. Use with: other Y* codes and 5PG* INTEREST Qualifiers as appropriate. Zie ook: YPJN* Onderwijs: Religieuze studies en zijn subcategorieën, YXZR Kinderen / tieners: sociale onderwerpen: religieuze kwesties
YNRA Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: filosofie
Class here: philosophical traditions and schools of thoughts
YNRD Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: hindoeïsme
Zie ook: YPJN1 Onderwijs: Religieuze studies: Hindoeïsme
YNRF Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: boeddhisme
Zie ook: YPJN2 Onderwijs: Religieuze studies: Boeddhisme
YNRJ Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: jodendom
Zie ook: YPJN3 Onderwijs: religieuze studies: jodendom
YNRM Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: christendom
Class here: Bibles and Bible stories for Children. Zie ook: YPJN4 Onderwijs: Religieuze studies: Christendom
YNRP Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: islam
Zie ook: YPJN5 Onderwijs: Religieuze studies: Islam
YNRR Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: andere religies en spirituele tradities
Use for: works about living religions that do not have their own category, and their practices, stories, rituals and belief systems. Use with: QR* codes to give extra detail and PLACE 1* Qualifiers as appropriate. Zie ook: YPJN9 Onderwijs: Religieuze studies: andere religies
YNRU Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: oude religies, mythologie en legendes
Use for: works on the myths or legends from any tradition, including, Greek, Norse, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic, Aztec, African, Asian, American, Middle Eastern. Use with: YFJ for fiction based on myths or retelling of the original or traditional stories and PLACE 1*, LANGUAGE 2* or INTEREST 5* Qualifiers to indicate the particular tradition. Zie ook: YFJ Kinderen / tieners: fictie: traditionele verhalen, YNXB Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: bovennatuurlijke en mythologische wezens
1.2 1.4
YNRX Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: religieuze teksten, gebeden en devotioneel materiaal
Use for: editions of sacred texts, including simplified versions and stories based on sacred texts, prayer books and all devotional material, designed for children. Use with: other YNR* code indicating religion, and 5PG* codes as appropriate

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