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Codering Classificatietitel Add Mod ?
Y Kinderen, tieners en onderwijs
Use all Y* codes for: material aimed at, or purposefully written or created for a juvenile or adolescent audience (except for graphic novels, comic books, manga in X*). DO NOT USE: code ‘Y’ itself, but select specific categories from section Y*. Use all Y* codes with: only one INTEREST AGE 5A* Qualifier to indicate a guideline starting interest age (detailed age ranges should be included in other metadata) – or for YP* use EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE 4* qualifiers. All other qualifiers can be used as appropriate with Y* codes. DO NOT USE for: material intended primarily for adults that may also appeal to older teenagers. For ‘new adult’ content see note at 5LKE. Zie ook:
YN Kinderen / tieners: algemeen
Use for: all general interest material not covered elsewhere and not designed specifically for school use. Use all YN* codes for: non-fiction works. Use all YN* codes with: INTEREST AGE 5A* Qualifiers, with relevant YF* code for fiction on specific topics, as appropriate
YNM Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: plaatsen en volkeren
Use with: PLACE 1* Qualifiers as appropriate
YNMC Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: landen, culturen en nationale identiteit
Class here: national symbols, monuments, dress, flags, customs etc. Use with: PLACE 1* Qualifiers as appropriate
1.1 1.3
YNMD Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: vieringen, feestdagen, festivals en speciale evenementen
Use with: values from 5H* INTEREST Qualifiers as appropriate, also use with YNR* codes as appropriate. Zie ook: YNR* Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: filosofie, religie en overtuigingen en zijn subcategorieën, 5H* Feestdagen, evenementen en seizoensgebonden interesse en zijn subcategorieën
YNMF Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: meisjes en vrouwen
Use for: books where girlhood / womanhood is a central theme
YNMH Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: jongens en mannen
Use for: books where boyhood / manhood is a central theme
YNMK Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: stad en stadsleven
Class here: suburbs, inner cities, small towns, urban and suburban life, etc. Use for: books about life in urban environments or works about particular cities or towns. Use with: PLACE 1* Qualifiers especially if about a named city which has a PLACE 1* code
1.1 1.4
YNML Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: landelijk en boerenleven 1.1
YNMW Kinderen / tieners: algemeen: koninginnen, koningen, prinsessen, prinsen enz.
Class here: royalty. Use for: titles about royals or featuring a royal character
1.1 1.3

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