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5 Pažintinių krypčių žymos
Visada, kai įmanoma, pasirinkite atitinkamą 5* kodą (ar kodus), tiesiog „5“ nenaudokite
5H Šventadieniai, renginiai ir sezoninės šventės
Use all 5H* codes for: indicating that the content of a work is largely about or relates to the holiday, event or season, for example a book featuring a Christmas story would use 5HPD or a book about birthdays for children would use 5HKA, a romance story that is all about summer could use 5HRB. DO NOT USE: to create list of suggested titles for sale at a particular season (this is information that is conveyed elsewhere in the supply chain) if those titles do not have content relating to the 5H* code
5HC Šventadieniai ir šventės
5HCB Days of commemoration
Use for: works about significant national or regional holidays or days of remembrance or commemoration, that mark a significant historical event not covered by another 5H* code, including things like national celebrations that mark a revolution, a significant date for a religious figure associated with the country, a date associated with a significant personage from the past, etc. Use with: PLACE 1* Qualifiers to indicate works pertaining to a particular country
5HCBA Holocaust Memorial or Remembrance Days 1.4
5HCB-AR-B May Revolution Day (Argentina) 1.4
5HCB-AR-D Day of Remembrance for Truth and Justice 1.4
5HCB-MX-B Mexican Revolution Day 1.4

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