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W ライフスタイル、趣味、レジャー
WQ 地方史、家族史、懐古趣味
WQH Local history
Use for: popular accounts of the history of a specific locality, generally only of local interest. Use with: PLACE 1* & TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers as appropriate
WQN Nostalgia: general
Use for: popular works with fond, uncritical view of past times. Use with: other code indicating subject where appropriate, eg WGF “Trains & railways: general interest”
WQP Places in old photographs
Use for: collections of early or vintage photographs relating to a specific place or places. Use with PLACE 1* & TIME PERIOD 3* Qualifiers wherever possible. See also: AJC Photographs: collections
WQY Family history, tracing ancestors
See also: NHTG Genealogy, heraldry, names & honours

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