Thema Subject Categories 1.3

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コード 見出し Add Mod ?
W ライフスタイル、趣味、レジャー
WC 骨董品、蒐集品(アンティーク、コレクターズアイテム)
WCB Antiques & collectables: buyer’s guides
Class here: price guides, guides to auctions, valuation, etc. Use with: other WC* code indicating types of items, as appropriate. See also: UDBA Online shopping & auctions
WCC Care & restoration of antiques
WCF Collecting coins, banknotes, medals & other related items
Class here: collecting seals, numismatics
WCG Collecting stamps, philately
WCJ Antique clocks, watches, musical boxes & automata
WCK Militaria, arms & armour
WCL Antique furniture / furniture collecting
Use with: WCC for restoring antique furniture
WCN Antiques & collectables: ceramics, glass & other related items 1.3
WCP Antiques & collectables: jewellery
WCR Antiques & collectables: gold, silver & other metals (other than jewellery)
WCS Antiques & collectables: books, manuscripts, ephemera & printed matter
Class here: cigarette cards, programmes, postcards, comics, autographs, photographs, phonecards, etc
WCT Antiques & collectables: sports memorabilia
WCU Antiques & collectables: pictures, prints & maps
WCV Antiques & collectables: carpets, rugs & textiles
WCW Antiques & collectables: toys, games, dolls & models
Class here: teddy bears
WCX Antiques & collectables: instruments, implements & tools 1.3

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