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コード 見出し 追加 改定 ?
W ライフスタイル、趣味&レジャー
WB 食べ物&飲み物等の調理法
Class here: gastronomy, general works on food, cookery or drinks. Use all WB* codes with: NHTB for the history of food or any historical aspects of drinks, food or cookery or with JBCC4 for examinations of foodstuffs in culture and society. 【他の候補】 JBCC4 文化研究:食品&社会
WBX 料理&飲み物、アルコール類
WBXN 料理&飲料:ノンアルコール飲料
WBXN1 茶&コーヒー
Class here: Tea Culture, Coffee Culture. Use for: works about the types of and preparation of these beverages, the ceremonies or rituals associated with them. Use with: other categories for works about trade of, history of, traditions associated with, works about health benefits etc
1.3 1.4
WBXN3 ジュース&スムージー 1.3