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V 健康、人間関係&自己啓発
Use all V* codes for: general adult titles. DO NOT USE: code ‘V’ itself, but select specific categories from section V*. Use all V* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate, in particular INTEREST 5* Qualifiers. Prefer: codes from C*, J*, K*, L*, M*, Q*, R* for specialist works
VF 家族&健康
VFB 個人の安全
VFD 人気薬&健康
Use for: popular health approaches to the human body or specific parts of the body
VFG 在宅看護&介護
Use for: popular works that give practical advice on caring and looking after people at home. 【他の候補】 MQC* 看護  とそのサブカテゴリー
VFJ 個人的&健康問題への対応
Use for: general works meant for a non-professional audience, or works that explore or explain how to deal or cope with these topics or give practical advice. Use with: other codes as appropriate, for example F* codes for novels that use these topics as themes or 5L* codes when the topic covers a particular age group
VFL 禁煙
VFM 健康運動&食事
VFV 家族&親族:助言と論点
Use for: works giving advice about topics and issues for different types of relationships within families or social groups, not covered by more specific codes. 【他の候補】 JBFW セックス&性的特質、社会的側面, JHBK 社会学:家族&関係, WQY 家系図、先祖調査
VFX 子育て:助言&論点
Class here: advice for mothers or fathers, grandparenting advice, advice on discipline, etc