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コード 見出し 追加 改定 ?
Q 哲学&宗教
Use all Q* codes for: academic, specialist and general adult titles. DO NOT USE: code ‘Q’ itself, but select specific categories from section Q*. QRA* and QRV* codes should be used with other QR* codes to denote which particular religion. 【他の候補】 VX* 精神、肉体、スピリチュアル  とそのサブカテゴリー
QR 宗教&信仰
QRA 宗教:一般
Class here: Religious Studies. Use all QRA* codes with: other QR* code indicating religion concerned
QRAM 宗教問題&宗教論争
QRAM1 宗教倫理
QRAM2 宗教&政治
QRAM3 宗教&科学
QRAM6 宗教的原理主義
QRAM7 冒涜、異端、背教
QRAM9 宗教的な不寛容&抑圧
Use for: works about discrimination, intolerance, violence or persecution of, or within, a religion, by others with different beliefs. Use with: JBFA for issues of discrimination in societies based on religious identity