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K 経済学、金融、ビジネス、マネジメント
Use all K* codes for: specialist (professional and academic) and general adult titles, but see also VS* codes for practical approaches to many topics. Use all K* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate
KC 経済学
KCV 特定部門の経済学
KCVD 農業経済学
KCVG 環境経済学
Class here: green economy, green accounting, ecotaxation, environmental economic strategies and policies
KCVJ 健康の経済学
KCVK 厚生経済学
KCVM デジタル経済学またはインターネット経済学 1.3
KCVP 知識経済学
1.3 1.4
KCVQ Service sector economics
Use for: works that look of the economics of the service sector, usually firms offering ‘intangible goods’ such as entertainment, retail, insurance, tourism, banking and other services
KCVS 都市経済学