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J 社会&社会科学
Use all J* codes for: specialist and some general adult titles, but see also V* codes for practical approaches to many topics. Use all J* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate. In J* use the most appropriate code(s) available, as many social sciences are broad topics that can have many alternative terms or names. 【他の候補】
JN 教育
Use all JN* codes for: works about education as a practice or subject, but use YP* codes for schoolbooks or educational material for pupils in pre-tertiary education. 【他の候補】
JNT 指導スキル&指導技術
JNTC 能力開発
Class here: competency-based education and training, competency learning. Use for: works that examine the practical approach to developing competencies and concrete skills in education or training
1.2 1.4
JNTP 課題解決型学習 1.3
JNTR Play-based learning
Use for: works that examine the theories or approaches to using play and activity to teach and learn
JNTS Teaching of reading, writing and numeracy
Use for: works about the theory or different approaches of learning or teaching the basic skills.
See also: CJCR Language learning: reading skills, CJCW Language learning: writing skills, JNF Educational strategies and policy, YPCA2 Educational: First / native language: Reading and writing skills