Thema Subject Categories 1.3

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コード 見出し Add Mod ?
D 伝記、文学、文学研究
DB 古典
Use for: texts, other than sagas & epics, in an early, ancient or classical language, ideally with other D* code indicating literary form
DD 演劇、戯曲
Use with: STYLE Qualifier 6* as appropriate. 又 ATFD Film scripts & screenplays, ATJD Television screenplays, scripts & performances, ATLD Radio plays, scripts & performances
DN 伝記、ノンフィクション、散文
Use with: (all DN* codes) another specific subject code where possible, eg SFH “Golf” with DNBS. 又 FC Biographical fiction
DS 文学:文学史&文学批評
Use with: STYLE 6* & LANGUAGE 2* Qualifiers, as appropriate

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