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5 Interest qualifiers
DO NOT USE “5” on individual books, but select qualifiers from section 5* as appropriate
5A 対象年齢/レベル
5H 休日、祝日、イベント、季節もの
5J 対象とする特別なグループ
Use for: 5J* codes in exceptional circumstances for material that is exclusively intended to be read by, but is not necessarily about, specific groups
5L Relating to the stages of life
Use for: (all 5PL* codes) material that is of interest to, has themes relating to, or is about the main stages of life
5P 関係する特別なグループや文化 1.3
5X 含まれる露骨な題材
Use for: titles featuring scenes, usually of a sexual or violent nature, only suitable for a relatively mature teen or an adult audience

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