Thema Subject Categories 1.3

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コード 見出し Add Mod ?
4 対象(教育・研究)別分類
Do not use “4” on individual books, but select qualifiers from section 4* as appropriate
4C For all educational levels
Use for: (all 4C* codes) titles published for educational use at the applicable level, but prefer 4Z* national extension detail wherever possible. Use with 4Z* and PLACE Qualifiers (1*) if appropriate
4G For international curricula & examinations
4L For language learning courses & examinations
Use with: LANGUAGE Qualifiers 2* as appropriate
4T 特定の教育目的
4Z For specific national or regional educational curricula
Use with: Appropriate PLACE Qualifier 1* if the country does not have its own specific 4Z* codes

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