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L Jog
Use all L* codes for: academic, professional or specialist titles only. DO NOT USE: code ‘L’ itself, but select specific categories from section L*. The L* section is not meant to reflect any particular legal system and many titles will need at least two codes to create the appropriate category. Use all L* codes with: PLACE 1* Qualifiers to indicate jurisdiction (especially with LN* codes), plus other qualifiers as appropriate. Prefer: VS* codes for more general adult titles. See also:
LA Jogtudomány és általános kérdések
LAF Jogrendszerek
Use for: works about different legal systems or to indicate a particular type of law is from a particular system. Use all LAF* codes with: other L* codes and PLACE 1* Qualifiers, as appropriate, to indicate the type of legal system and the type of laws and the jurisdiction
LAFC Jogrendszerek: közjog
LAFD Jogrendszerek: szokásjog
Use for: works about bodies of law or civil law systems that are based on a code of law, legal codes or law codes. See also: LAFR Jogrendszerek: római jog
LAFF Systems of law: customary law
Use for: works about bodies of law or legal systems wholly or partially based on custom and precedent
LAFG Systems of law: mixed systems
Use for: works about bodies of law or legal systems that are based on more than one legal system
LAFR Jogrendszerek: római jog
LAFS Jogrendszerek: iszlám jog
See also: LW Sária-jog
LAFT Jogrendszerek: zsidó jog
LAFX Jogrendszerek: egyházi (kánon)jog

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