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5 Érdeklődés módosítók
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5P Speciális csoportokkal és kultúrákkal kapcsolatos
Use all 5P* codes for: indicating the content of the work has major themes, topics or storylines relating to, or of major interest to, or are specifically about the particular group of people. DO NOT USE: to indicate a target audience for marketing purposes, nor to identify the origin of the author, unless this relates to the content of the work
5PT Relating to Trans / Transgender people or gender minorities
Class here: transsexual, transgender, gender non-conforming, non-binary, genderqueer, gender minority, two spirit, third gender etc. Use for: material that is of interest to, or has themes relating to, or is about, those whose gender is different (wholly or partially) from that assigned to them at birth, or gender variance in cultures who have established more than two genders. Use with: other subjects as appropriate, such as JBSF3, YXB, F* codes etc
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