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5L Relating to the stages of life
Use all 5L* codes for: indicating the content of the work has major themes, topics or storylines relating to, or of major interest to, or are specifically about, the main stages of life. A novel about teenage anxiety could use 5LF, a romance set amongst students at university could use 5LKE, or a book about Yoga for seniors could use 5LKS. DO NOT USE: to indicate a targeted audience for marketing purposes, the content should be primarily about this stage of life or age group
1.3 1.4
5LK Relating to adulthood
Use for: material that has themes relating to, or is about adulthood
5LKE Relating to early adulthood
Class here: new adult, young adulthood, twentysomething. Use for: material that has themes relating to the age group from late teens or early twenties through to the thirties, often centred on topics around becoming an adult or coming of age. Use with: FR* for ‘New Adult Romance’ or ‘College Romance’, FP for ‘New Adult Erotica’, FM* for ‘New Adult Fantasy’
1.3 1.4

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