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Koodi Luokan nimi Lisää Muuta ?
W Elämäntapa, harrastukset ja vapaa-aika
Use all W* codes for: popular accounts for general adult readership. DO NOT USE: code ‘W’ itself, but select specific categories from section W*. Use all W* codes with: other subject categories and qualifiers where appropriate. Prefer: codes from A*, K*, P*, R*, T*, etc, for specialist, technical and academic works
WD Harrastukset, visailut ja pelit
WDM Sisäpelit
Use for: works on any sort of game generally played inside, including party games, educational games, traditional games, games of chance, games of skill, action and reflex games, dice games. See also: UDX Tietokonepelit / verkkopelit: strategiaoppaat
WDMC Korttipelit
Class here: Solitaire, Patience, trading card games. Use for: any type of game using any sort of playing card
WDMC1 Korttipelit: bridge

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